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Tibetan Sacred Paintings

October 9, 2023/

When you adorn your space with Thangkas, you invite a sense of sacred energy into your surroundings. These intricate artworks not only hold aesthetic value but also possess a deeper significance. By displaying Thangkas, you extend an invitation to spiritual energies, creating an atmosphere of reverence and connection.   Five Djamballa Thangkas: Abundance…

Paintings and Subconsciousness

October 7, 2023/

Our visual stimuli leave an imprint on our subconscious. Over time, if our subconscious becomes inundated with negative imagery, it can shape our perception of reality. Consequently, it’s advisable to avoid displaying artworks that depict poverty, war, or even abstract concepts.   It’s important to clarify that this philosophy isn’t rooted in religion…

Issues With Nobleman Luck Activation

October 5, 2023/

Nobleman Luck Nobleman luck will give you solutions to serious problems you’re facing. You won’t have a difficult time looking for the answers or solutions. Some are born with a nobleman star, indicating that these individuals are blessed with a constant source of support whenever they face daunting issues in life. You only…

Dharma Deeds

October 3, 2023/

Dharma deeds are based in the Sutra; otherwise known as the teachings of Buddha. There are varieties of Dharma deeds, some of which are in the form of rituals done by monks in a monastery. Individuals can participate in these rituals given that the materials and resources needed for the rituals are provided…

Paht Chee and Qi-men Chart

September 29, 2023/

The majority of the items we possess come with their own user manual. This instructs us on how to use that specific product. Of course, the product may still be used in the absence of the handbook, but when difficulties arise, executing a troubleshoot would be difficult.   Perceive your Paht Chee and…

Wealth Ship: Symbol of Abundance

September 23, 2023/

Known as the sailing boat, the golden wealth ship is an ancient Feng Shui money cure that functions similarly to the three-legged toad and traditional Chinese currencies. As the name implies, the insignia is a majestic vessel with numerous sails or a dragon boat that, according to Chinese history, conveyed the eight immortals.…

Are Blessings Infinite?

September 21, 2023/

Halting the Flow of Blessings: A Shift in Perspective If you’ve ever experienced a stagnation of blessings in your life, it could be attributed to a lack of creating blessings for others. As the pandemic unfolded, many of us found ourselves trapped in a negative state, gripped by the fear of losing everything…

Understanding the Element of Wealth

September 19, 2023/

Period 8: Yang Earth (2004-2023) The current period, known as Period 8, spans from 2004 to 2023. In feng shui, this period is associated with the element of yang earth, symbolized by a mountain. The mountain represents structure and a strong foundation. During this period, it is believed that building wealth requires a…

Favorable Directions in Life Chart

September 17, 2023/

Life Generating Direction: To maximize your chances of success in a business meeting, it is advisable to arrive at the venue 30 minutes early and ensure that you have a compass with you. Once at the site, locate your Life Generating (LG) direction and position yourself accordingly. For instance, if your LG direction…

Understanding Yin Energy in Your House

September 15, 2023/

Living in a house with unsettling energy can stem from various factors, but one of the most common reasons is the influence of the occupants or the possibility of a cursed home.   Violent Fights in the House – Engaging in violent fights within the house generates strong yin or negative energy. Actions…

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